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Rota da Vinha e do Vinho do Oeste
Estrada Nacional, 8 - Apartado 69
2544-909 Bombarral
Tel.: 262 605 272
Fax: 262 605 272

The Oeste (West) region is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Montejunto Mountain range. The landscape is dominated by the dichotomy mountain/sea and by fields planted with vines and fruit trees, as the Oeste is one of the main fruit producing regions in Portugal.

Source: Infovini, Rota da Vinha e do Vinho do Oeste, Anuário IVV.

This region has been the scene of numerous battles that took place during the Napoleonic Invasions. The most visible trace of that time are the “Linhas de Torres”, a set of military fortifications built to stop the French from reaching Lisbon. In the north of the region is the medieval village of Óbidos, which is worth a walk along its winding streets decorated with flowers. Close by is the city of Caldas da Rainha, where you will be able to relax in the 15th Century thermal baths or visit the city’s several museums.