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  Grape characteristics
Name Cascal
Type of grape variety White
Description Medium quality white grape variety, authorised in the Penafiel sub-region, in the areas around Porto and in the most southern counties (3). Little productive and irregular due to its susceptibility to cryptogamic diseases, this grape variety produces wines with a fragile fruity aroma, but without quality.

Synonymy: known as «Morrão» in Lousada, as «Terrantez» in Castelo de Paiva and as «Pé de Perdiz» in Celorico de Basto.

SOURCE: Catálogo das Castas da CVRVV.
  Ampelographic Characteristics
Fonte: Catálogo das Castas, IVV.
Budding open, cottony, white and, in general, strongly carmine.
Young leaf brass coloured with a medium intensity anthocyanin pigmentation of the first six leaves; bubbly and wavy with carmine main veins on the upper side of the blade. Pubescent and slightly bristly on the down side of the blade.
Flower androgynous.
Shoots red internodes and nodes on the back side and internodes with red striations and red nodes on the frontal side; green buds, erect to half-erect growth.
Tendrils discontinuous, short, carmine, webbed and straight.
Adult leaf small size, orbicular, with three lobes or entire, light green, flat, strongly bubbly generally waved between the main veins; medium length teeth and convex margins; closed petiolar sinus with V shaped base, open upper lateral sinus with a V shaped base. Carmine petiolar point as well as the main veins in half of its extension on the upper side; pubescent on the down side, glabrous petiole and shorter than the medium main vein.
Bunch medium size; conic, sometimes winged; compact; short peduncle and insignificant lignification.
Berry medium size and uniform; obovoid; yellow green colour; with bloom, thick skin and with apparent hilum; soft, juicy pulp with a simple flavour; short pedicel of easy separation.
Seeds hard tegument, predominantly two per berry; medium size, pyriform, short but well pronounced beak.
Stalks elliptic cross-section, striated surface, yellow brownish colour, darker at the node's level; internodes of irregular length, medium and long; large, medium long, cup-shaped buds, with a wide and prominent base.