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  Grape characteristics
Name Sercialinho
Type of grape variety White
SOURCE: Catálogo das Castas da Região Demarcada da Bairrada do IVV.
  Ampelographic Characteristics
Fonte: Catálogo das Castas, IVV.
Budding medium.
Young Branch End open. White with a carmine border. Webbed villosity.
Young leaf green with brown spots. Pubescent villosity.
Flower androgynous.
Vigour weak.
Bearing semi-erect.
Shoots red striae on the back, green on the front. Webbed villosity.
Tendrils regular discontinuous distribution. Short.
Adult leaf small, pentagonal, with five lobes. Dark green upper side, light swelling, slight wrinkling of the leaf blade. Convex, short teeth of equal width and length. Petiolar sinus with overlapping sides and a V-shaped base. Open upper lateral petiolar sinuses with a U-shaped base. Very low to low anthocyanin pigmentation. Pubescent villosity on the underside. Petiole shorter than the medium main vein. Webbed villosity.
Bunch small. Closed compactness. Short peduncle with medium lignification.
Berry small, slightly flat. Pink, medial bloom, epidermis of medium thickness. Colourless, soft and juicy pulp. Short pedicel which can be easily separated.
Seeds almost always one per berry.
Stalks circular section. Striated surface. Reddish brown. Webbed villosity.